Undisclosed Family

At 7:00 AM, Sammi Siragusa, President of Goose Flights, received an urgent text requesting Goose Flights jet charter transportation for a family with a 9-month-old baby within the next 24 hours. While on vacation, the family observed unusual symptoms in their infant and hurried to a local children’s hospital. The unexpected news suggested a possible detection of liver cancer in their baby, prompting them to seek immediate care at the best children’s hospital.

Responding promptly to the critical situation, the Goose Flights team organized a car service to be stationed outside the vacation hospital, ready to transport the family to the private airport upon discharge. Collaborating seamlessly with Titan Aviation Group, the Goose Flights team secured a flight in less than 6 hours, facilitating the family’s journey to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Upon arrival in Philadelphia, another ground transportation service awaited the family, ensuring an immediate transfer to CHOP for the crucial medical attention their baby needed. The joint effort by Goose Flights and Titan Aviation Group exemplified a rapid and compassionate response to a family facing a critical and time-sensitive medical situation. At the time of landing, this family was greeted by Goose Flights Board member Joseph Cosgrove and his wife, Missy Cosgrove.

Joseph Huskey

Lieutenant Joseph Huskey faced a challenging situation as his two children, Lawson (4) and Rose (6), both who struggle with severe heart conditions. The family needed transportation assistance for a journey spanning over a week, driving to Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas, for crucial heart examination appointments. This travel coincided with the Thanksgiving holiday and just days before Lieutenant Joseph’s deployment overseas.

In a heartwarming collaboration, Goose Flights stepped in to transport the family via jet charter and ground transportation. This initiative alleviated the anticipation, anxiety, stress, and financial burden for the Huskey family, completing their extensive travels in just over 24 hours. The partnership with the Wish For Our Heroes Organization further contributed to this meaningful endeavor, affording the family more time together before Lieutenant Joseph’s deployment and enabling them to celebrate Thanksgiving as a united family. This compassionate support undoubtedly made a significant impact on the Huskey family during a challenging time.

Andrew Koenig

Andrew, a courageous 19-year-old, has been battling osteosarcoma for the past three months, undergoing intensive treatments and life-altering surgeries, such as leg and pelvis amputation. To access the best possible care, Andrew and his family embarked on a journey from their home state of Pennsylvania to Houston, Texas, where they sought the expertise of one of only five doctors in the entire country capable of performing the necessary surgery.

After a challenging three months of recovery and treatment in Texas, Andrew received the uplifting news that he was cleared to return home for additional treatment in Pennsylvania. In this pivotal moment, Goose Flights played a crucial role, ensuring Andrew’s safe and comfortable journey back home as he adapted to his new life. Utilizing ground transportation services and private jet charter, Goose Flights facilitated the transportation of Andrew and his family, providing a clean, comfortable, and secure space for them to reunite in their home state. This allowed Andrew to continue his journey with additional chemotherapy in the familiar and supportive environment of his home state.


Cayden Winstead, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, holds the distinction of being the inaugural recipient of the Goose Flights organization. Confronting a challenging journey marked by a severe brain injury at the age of 19, Cayden defied early medical predictions and demonstrated exceptional resilience. His determination to overcome adversity became a source of inspiration for the foundation. In recognition of his extraordinary story, Goose Flights surprised Cayden and his family with a comprehensive Super Bowl experience. This special event included exclusive moments like touring the FOX Super Bowl Studio setup and meeting influential figures such as Shannon Sharpe, Greg Olsen, Darren Waller, and more. As the first-ever recipient of Goose Flights, Cayden’s narrative stands as a pioneering and motivational symbol, reflecting the foundation’s commitment as they continue their impactful work.